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Home Remedies For The Different Male Disorders

Premature Ejaculation

  • Take 10 gms. pure ghee, 5 gms. honey, grind licorice 10 gms. Make a paste of all the three and lick it regularly. Inhale it with 250 ml. of milk. Have it after the intercourse.

  • Grind dry coriander seeds, mix it with mishri and have about 5 gms. of this powder inhaled with cold water.

  • Take basil seeds 50 gms; sugar 50 gms. and grind and sieve the whole lot. Take just 6 gms. of this powder. and drink it with 100 gms. of milk early in the morning.

  • Take the seeds of Lajwanti plant and mix it with equal amount of sugar. Take 5 gms. of this mixture and inhale with 100 gms. of milk. This combination thickens the semen and stops early ejaculation.

Physical Weakness

  • Soak 2 or 3 dried figs overnight in 1 cup water. Eat them along with 1 tablespoon honey the next morning. Continue for a month.

  • Fry in 1 tablespoon butter, 2 teaspoons each wheat flour, almond paste and poppy seeds paste. Eat this along with 1 cup boiled leaves of fenugreek.

Testes Problem

  • It there be swelling on the testes or any other problem concerning with testes, apply the paste prepared in the following manner over the testes. Take about 5 gms. each of a camel's dung, Amarbel (easily available in Mango groves), the leaves of Arhar and tulsi leaves. Grind them to a homogeneous paste in a little of cow's urine, when the paste is ready, apply it over the testes thickly. Allow it to dry and remove it in the morning. A week's treatment will cure all troubles connected with the testes.

Venereal Disease (Gonorrhoea)

  • Juice of tulsi leaves is very effective to cure all sort of these troubles. Take 5 gms. each of tulsi seeds or dried tulsi leaves, Kalami shora and the grains of small cardamom. Grind them together to powder form. Have this combination Gust 1/2 a gm. with 100 gms. Kacchi.Lassi (raw milk and water combination). Add water twice the amount of milk. Drink this lassi with that powder thrice or four times a day. But don't add either salt or sugar in it. About a fortnight long this treatment shall get you cured from any sort of veneral disease.


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