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Natural, Herbal and Home Remedies for the Treatment of Headaches

Many people suffering from headaches just take an aspirin, to get rid of headaches. But, we should restrict taking aspirin as they may prove to give some side effects. Instead, we should use natural treatments that are not at all harmful for your body.

Here are Some of the Common Herbal Home Remedies for Curing Headaches fast and Effectively:

Roll your Noggin: Doctors suffest that we must start our day by doing ten slow neck rolls in each direction. Just let your neck muscles go limp and let your chin hit your chest. Then just rotate your head all around to loosen up your neck muscles. But remmeber to be very gentle while rolling your neck as doing it too fast or too vigorously could cause additional neck strain.

Warm Pad or Warm Shower Bath: Placing a warm pad on the back of your head or you can try taking a warm shower or bath. This will help a lot in relieving headache. Also, if you can divert your mind to some entertainment activities so as to reduce stress level of your mind, you'll suffer less from the pain of a tension headache.

Cloves and Salt: Make a paste of 2-3 powdered cloves and salt. You may apply this paste on the forehead to get rid of headache fast.

Ginger Paste: Persons suffering from temporal headaches may apply ginger paste to the forehead and Sinuses.

Don't Skip Any Main Meal: Do not skip meals, especially for persons suffering from migraine sufferers.

Scalp Massage: To soothe that aching head, try massaging your scalp with your fingertips as if you were washing your hair. You may also try placing a natural-bristle hairbrush at your temple, just above the eyebrow, and slowly move it toward the back of your head in slow circles. This massage helps ease tension and bring relief.

Apple: A peeled and chopped apple, with a sprinkle of salt eaten as a first thing in the morning, for at least a week will help a lot in curing chronic headaches.

Caffeine: Caffeine is also another effective remedy for the treatment of headaches. Caffeine helps in squeezing the blood vessels which widen up during headache. This treatment should be the last option that should be used by anyone as you may get addicted to caffeine intake. So, just take it when suffering from severe headaches.

Cumin & Coriander Seeds: This treatment is best for occipital headaches. It is because of the aggravated pitta in the stomach. Make a tea with cumin & coriander seeds in a cup of hot water & consume it. You may also apply a small amount of sandalwood paste to the temples.

Accupressure: Try acupressure, try rubbing the space between your index finger and your thumb, this can work sometimes.

Some Good Tips: If you don't get relief after 10 or 15 minutes of rubbing those areas, try rubbing some other parts of your body: the top of your foot, in the area between your big and second toe; the outside area of your shin just below the knee; or your Achilles tendon.

Cinnamon: Mix 1 tsp with finely grind cinnamon in 1 teaspoon water and apply on the forehead. It is very effective in headache due to exposure to cold air.


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