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Natural, Herbal Home Remedies for the Treatment of Eye Cataract

Here are Some of the Common Herbal Home Remedies used for Curing Eye Cataract:

Pumpkin - The flowers of pumpkin are very good at getting rid of eye cataract very fast. The person suffering from eye cataract may apply juice of these flowers on his eyelids two times daily. It will stop further clouding of the crystalline lens of the eye.

Use Sunglasses or Hat - A research done by some doctors suggests that - covering the eyes with sunglasses or hats while going out in strong sunlight reduces the chances of developing eye cataracts. But, be sure to choose a sunglass having UV protection in it.

Onion, Bhimseni Camphor and Honey - Take some onions and extract its juice. Now take about 10 gm's of this onion juice and mix it with 10 gm's of honey and 2 gm's of Bhimseni Camphor. Now stir this mixture nicely to make a homogeneous mixture and preserve them in a bottle. Suffering person may apply this prepared mixture on his eyes with the help of an eye liner, daily before going to sleep at night. Its regular use prevents the cataract formation.

Carrot - Carrots are another very effective remedy for curing eye cataracts. The patient should be given plenty of raw carrots daily as a salad. As an alternative, the patient may also be given 2 glasses of fresh carrot juice, one each in the morning and evening.

Aniseed - Aniseed is also considered a very useful remedy for treating cataract fast and effectively. An equal quantity of aniseed and coriander powder should be mixed with one teaspoon of brown sugar, and the mixture should be taken in doses of 12 gm in the morning and evening.

Vitamin B - A diet rich in vitamin-B, especially riboflavin, which is a major component of milk, and vitamin-A, found mostly in green leafy vegetables, etc., delay the onset of cataract. Wholegrain cereals and yeast extract added to the diet are also beneficial in preventing cataract formation.

Stay Away from Harmful Radiations - Don't look at microwaves when cooking something in them, as they produce harmful radiations which are very bad for your eyes and may result in cataract formation. Even small doses of radiation produced from appliances such a microwaves, ovens or x-ray machines can make you prone to developing cataracts, so you should limit your exposure to these radiations if you don't want to be prone to eye cataracts.

Stop Smoking - Do you know one thing, when you smoke - all the smoke goes to your eyes and hurts them which may also result in formation of eye cataracts. This happens due to the fact that toxic substances present in smoke damage your eye's lens nucleus, causing cataracts. So, we would recommend you to stop smoking as soon as possible, as it has many other bad effects too like damaging your lungs, etc.


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