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Home Remedies For Pneumonia


Pneumonia is the inflammation of the substance of lungs which manifests itself in many forms. The attack usually commences with shivering (in young children with convulsions), followed by pain in the chest and sometimes vomiting. The temperature rises suddenly to 104°F and the pulse is extremely rapid. The breathing is shallow and rapid. If there is expectoration of phlegm, it is rusty. There is profuse sweating at the time and the pain may abate as the disease progresses.

Home Remedies

  • Take the root of the arand (the plant from which castor oil is made) about 10 gms; dry ginger 3 gms. and boil both in water till the quantity of the water remains 3/4 of the original quantity. Now strain the water and ask the patient to drink it, followed by 20 gms. of pure honey.

  • Massage with turpentine oil brings great relief to the patient. But don't do the massage in an open space. It will remove the pain and congestion in the ribs.

  • Take the root of kareer plant, grind it and boil in water for half an hour. Then sponge the whole body of the patient with this water. Cover his body with a blanket immediately after the sponge.

  • Take about 10 gms of tulsi leaves and 250 ml. of water. Boil them together till water is halved. Now add in the remaining water rock salt, according to taste. No sooner did you start to sweat that the effect of flu shall be removed with the sweat and you shall be alright. Alternatively drink decoction of tulsi leaves, black pepper in batasha for still quicker relief.
  • Mix 1 teacup fresh lemon juice in tender coconut water and drink.


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