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Home Remedies For Flatulence

Accumulation of gas in the intestines or stomach is merely an isolated symptom which occurs consequent upon taking food, in excess, that contains wind-producing foods. If it is a chronic problem, then it may indicate irritable Bowel Syndrome or Diverticulitis which require attention of a physician. Normally the gas passes out after sometime of its accumulation, without causing much discomfort.

Causes and Symptoms

Flatus implies intestinal gas which may accumulate in the abdomen and cause distress, rumbling sound, discomfort, moderate pain. When gas is expelled through rectum, it is called Flatus but when expelled through mouth, it is called eructation. When there is upward pressure of gas, chest and heart region are under distress and some people have pain in chest.

Those, who take too much of heavy and fried food, lead a sedentary life, consume too much of alcohol, rice, curd, starchy foods milk, ghee, butter, meats etc., develop tendency to flatulence. If the disease reaches a chronic stale, gastric ulcer may form. The foods, which cause such a disturbance should avoid taking such foods as are known causative factors in precipitating gastric symptoms.

Home Remedies

  • If stomach is the seat of problem, you can choose from Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Catmint, Peppermint. If small intestines are the seat of problem, then add Fennel or Dill to these herbs.

  • For bowel flatulence, add gingera and 5 drops of Essential Oils of Fennel, Caraway, Chamomile, Marjoram and Peppermint may be mixed, anyone depending on gravity of the malady with hot water and applied in the form of hot compresses over painful area.

  • Take about 10 gms of tulsi juice, 10 gms of dry ginger and 20 gms of jaggery. Mix all of them together to form small tablets. Take this tablet thrice a day with water to set right your digestive process. But during the period you have this trouble, better keep fast or take only easily digestible food.
  • After meals take a TSP of Lavan Bhaskar churna or Higwashatak chuma or Avipattikar chuma whichever suits you best. Prepare powder out of equal quantity of aniseed, thymol, cumin and mix some black salt to it.


  1. Since flatulence is common problem with those who eat too much and too often of fried and rich foods, eat rather hastily. If food is taken while one is tense, or as if one is on the run while he grabs or swallows his food. As a preventive and corrective measure, do not bend, sit curled up on a low sofa, immediately after taking meals as, by doing so, you will simply help the gas to build up, thereby causing bloating of abdomen which can have colicky pains. Simple self-management in dietary intake will sufficent to enable you stay free from flatulence and colic.

  2. Treatment is both preventive and corrective. Do not try to correct your dietary indiscretions and gluttony by means of medicines. Never sleep immediately after taking meals or perform any mental work. You may have some (short) nap after lunch but take a reasonably long walk after taking dinner. Avoid taking anything at bed-time. A void tea, coffea, tobacco, spices, alcohol and beverages, canned/bottled soft drinks etc.


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